Its cool to see indians win in the cricket matches..
iam cricket freak, and forget the world b4 the 24″ TV box.. to watch our heros perform (watever they do ) it may be a add or a catch.. 😀
so its a time to rejoice for me to see the cup winning team

Its alwasy cool to watch our guys win overseas..
wat a performance by sehwag..
in recent times i rather lost hope of sehwag..but now things are changing, i thouhg the would make his way to the dressing room before moring tea 😛 but things are drastically improved..
If its not sachin who backed him , he would rather be off the field..
hats off sehwag for your good 309 ..
i wont say its best since dhil mange more…

sehwag ke funde with bat,,

so wats up with the other end boys.. the throwers, i mean bowlers..
its pathan and balaji who striked the blow..
wat an inswing bowling by balaji 😀 hats off man..
pathan is not a rock, but he not a plastic too,.. so better ppl across the border keep that in mind..

Pathan at his best

Its some thing concerning with the friendship.. As for my thoughts Inzamam, is rather a better human, than many of his team mates..
i would say for eg.. abt Akhtar, who did nothing rather being a tough guy in and out of the field ( whos the coach.. its the famous Javed..)
wat a concern Inzamam showed.. when our team won over them and wat a character that he showed when rahul hit 270 .. its a rare scene to see a pakistani captain to come out there and congagulate him.. it was awsome.. though the captain of loosing side, he earned much of the indian hearts with his deeds, and ofcourse a wonderful performer with the of the series in ODI the better than the best Inzamam-ul-huq..

so cool pictures..
hope it was a better thought to read on..