Iam sure, vivek is thinking over

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Iam sure that vivek is thinking over.. abt wat u ppl may ask.. abt acting in a lead role ( not the one similar to boys…) i mean a hero..
will that suit him.. he is charming ok, he is good to watch in comical way.. will he fit over in the hero rack??
This needs some thinking and iam sure vivek is doing that.. as for my thoughts are concerned.. he shouldnt till he gets a better screen play ( to post himself in comedy roles + hero== comic hero) like kamal’s thenali etc..
the actor is having high abilities but iam not sure of his success as hero..not a good fighter.. couldnt dance and even if he does as he did in run and other films.. we would not enjoy his dance , but would laugh when we first see him, its his success as comedian , and not as hero.. thats wat i got to say in this regard..:P


Wat a job — done with dedication for sure

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Seeing this picture i could get just one thought how could they stand out there.. 😦
iam afraid of gaint wheels and how could these ppl stand up so high touching the sky..
imagine an aeroplane flying near them.. or a crow that crosses them huh iam sure to fall down..
with ppl who are standing high Hats off men
Its becas such brave ppl who work not only for salary.. but get some satisfaction in helping ppl like us ( who need cables but afraid to stand right in that place to adjust it )… so iam thanking them again.. watever be the work.. see the dedication shown there and that touches my heart… 😀

Is Indian money being forwarded for some costly humour???

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I really dono wat sort of digital trick is this..
and ofcourse as a computer lover would like to know.. but iam very much depressed the way the Indian curency is treated in such a way.. would the euros or dolars be duplicated in such a way?? and ofcourse will they be sent in mails congragulating for the success or declaring it as bonus??
This thing must need attention..
why do ppl make fun of India, is the take it easy approach that we show when such things happen… i dono how to react with this one.. i cant hurt my friend for forwarding such things.. i could just say him to be caucious ( he will laugh at me ang go…) as every other one reading this might do…
but those who laugh i dont care.. but if this makes atleast few of those forwarders to think before forwarding , that would rather save India from comically abused..
Hope my thought is agreed ( atleast by Indians.. :(…… )

Women Drivers…. not that BAD… @ Driving….

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I got this picture from one of the forwards , and year back, ( if iam not wrong).. i dono wat do ppl do when they drive( i usually eat :P)………..
but this one is interesting, are only women capable of doing such things??………….
Is it true that all men over here in the world are good drivers, may be the one ,, who hasn’t made any accidents since his drive..
Some guy collected such pictures and forwarded to his friends.. and he wouldnt have imagined i could get it from him some how… anyway traffic rules need to be respected and that would earn much better credit , than parking cars in the subways !!!!!!!!!!!………………..
I dont have much experience in driving 4 wheelers, since i dono (ofcourse i dont have one 😛 ).. but reading an article last week from The Hindu where all the girls who are driving were asked to talk about their experiences.. all were educated and they said they respect traffic rules (ofcourse when asked for new paper i too would say all such poies ).. but when enquired in traffic control, they said all the accidents are commited by men and women are into such situations rarely ( may be they sit near to the driver and talk– to make the accidents possible..) anyway who knows wats the truth.. just thought i could have some words on this thing.. thats it….

Julia == Monalisa??

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Its the topic i got after seeing the poster of the Mona Lisa Smile… though her fan from Run away bride.. i admire, how she handles herself n all the roles.. though not much preferred to stone and others in hollywood ( i mean before Erin Broockwich 😛 ).. she is always topping the charts in hollywood stars as for me with her performance and expressive face.. its clear from this picture too…. Just watch out and read

Is is julia shining in the profound role of teacher in monalisa smile??
her co-stars are getting better attention than her.. and i think the film didnt prove much for the actress of high abilities..
When its star movies or HBO which ever telecasts her movie i would rather be the first one to watch ( atleast in tamil nadu)..
hope we get much from this talented lady 😀

Will Lakshya be a better one??

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Hrithik, a much known popular bollywood hero..
grabbed all awards for his koi mil gaya, after few moderte turn overs..
hrithik roshan
could lakshya be some thing different, yes says hrithik,.. need to wait, i dono much about hindi movies, just go thru them, when they top the charts, just got interest after this over night hero, topped the charts with his kaho na pyaar hai things are always different, sharukh went 2nd in the race and , there was a major shift , performing some better solid roles in mission kashmir, made hrithik to top the critics.. then he needed a box office hit, so he called out his dad, and he gave him ,as a father gives choc to his child..any way its good to see him in new roles…

About New, wats new…???

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Yeah its the last from the simran..
and the third from S.J.Surya.. i dont know how well he performed in the movie, but heard from few previews that simran is at her best,.. the story goes on , such that when a small boy turns out to be a man (drastically) wats the mental change that wouldn’t have occured is actually depicted — says director + Hero surya..

got kiran for some extra glamour ( i dont think , this is better choice..) anyway .. 2 or 3 are good numbers from ARR again to top the charts along with udhaya, AE, ..
If its the hit then Simran would be happy.. and ofcourse myself ( a simran fan!!!!)

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