Aradhana :)


I guess she is the best possible happiness that I have felt in my life. Though it was troublesome throughout my entire journey of pregnancy, and also coping up with post pregnancy issues, are all worth it when she just looks at me and smiles. I had several priorities in my life, friends, family, career.. everything has taken a back stage after her arrival. Tomorrow she s completing 2 months of her life and it sure does feel like I have given birth to her just yesterday !


Linux Mint


I had a hard disk crash few months back and my 120GB HDD of my laptop retired. I was planning to get an upgraded HDD for 500GB and install the visa basic which came with the laptop. Then a thought came thru Govind to try Linux Mint. I felt why not after all those years trying several linux distros, I felt really nothing was out of box and always I had to spend countless nights trying to figure things out through friends and forums. I really feel that this one has better desktop approach than most of the distros I tried few years back. Though I did not like the fancy KDE gimmicks, felt that gnome upgrade was quite simple and easy. It had answers to all my requirements for day today computer usage and was surprised to see few interesting apps that I could use to make my life easier, which in windows I would have to scoot for freewares or think abt trials/cracks.

What prompted me to write this entry is after reading this article felt that people should try this one if there is a spare pc or run into misfortune of system crashes. Its really a worthy try. I am currently not thinking of running into windows unless I require some proprietary work related s/w to be installed. Happy computing!

PM’s visit not so eventful esp to busy office goers!

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The most irritating part of any politician or higher level govt officials visit is the special traffic regulations made to make everyone but their life easier.. for more info read this page

I was very much angry to see that entire GST road stretch was kept free of all vehicles for smooth travel of our PM. I am not sure why he couldnt take the ariel route and save him from thousands of curses people shower esp during such occasions! Why cant he fly to Karaikudi? he can do it, but people taking pathetic bus routes via guindy cannot even afford hiked bus fares. I think its better time for politicians to think sensibly in such things if not improving nation, which is not their field of expertise.

Radha’s wedding @ Kumbakonam

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                     We started by 12-dec night. Though we booked in first class A/C in Rockfort express, boarding the train in tambaram was bit of a struggle as A/C coaches were not together and esp the first class A/c was seperated. The train was supposed to halt for jus couple of mins and we had to hurry to the First AC compartment. I couldn’t run and we boarded the train few compartments before in 3rd AC compartments. Train started almost immediately after we boarded. We finally reached our respective coach and timing was perfect that train reached chengelpet station. Athai and athimber were waiting there with much anticipation. After few minutes we started sleeping and train was going like a rocking coach. I felt very difficult and uncomfortable, had to sit for few minutes throughout the night and somehow manage. Can relate this to maatu vandi which is bit faster with less bumpy roads!!

When we reached Kumbakonam, we were happy that there were no stairs like in Tambaram. We saw Balaji, Govind’s cousin awaiting our arrival. We chose to take a cab instead of van since I felt it would delay and also van was not comfortable after the tiresome journey. We paid 200/- and reached the mandapam in 20 mins.

Since the train reached there around 7:45 only, the Jathagarna Namagarnam function was over. We dressed up and everyone went to have breakfast and coffee. Appa got pongal and vadai for me and I had it after long time. Appa, amma, athai, athimber left to tour on some temples. I was left chatting with Radha and other ppl there. Later once ppl are back frm temple, we got ready for the Nitchaythartham function in the evening. It happened in the Uppiliappan kovil mandapam. Since next day it was early morning muhurtham we planned to sleep early, but finally after doing all talking we slept around 11 I guess. Before I was ready in the morning the Unjal function started and I came perfectly when they were coming back to medai. Wedding was over in a couple of hours. Had gud time seeing the events and taking snaps.

Appa and Amma again went to temples and rain started to pour outside as I was thinking of going to Kovil. Finally dropped the plan and went on to sleep. Woke up later and thought of talking with Radha, but she went for marriage registration and other formalities. So I started packing for the night return journey. Since its the same train, I mentally prepared myself for the worst conditions. There was a kalyana urchavam organised by my inlaws in the temple, so was attending that in the evening. Came back and packed everything and left to station bit early. But since it was first platform, we need not climb any stairs. Also we got a stroller and porter to take our luggages. Rched tambaram in the wee hours of the morning and were welcomed by mild rain which later turned to a heavier one. Finally reached home and slept for few hrs to gain back basic energy! 🙂

Sehwag – 219 (B:149, 4s: 25, 6s:7)

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Have watched all mokkai matches, and even the last ODI which we lost.. missed this one 😦
Even did not track the score.. should catch atleast highlights. But looks like highlights will have more than India’s total in last match 🙂 What an entertainment !


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I was following some lightwave webminars and articles these days closely. Lot of things displayed there make me think where the future telecom would be ..! decade started with 1G and already there are trials of 500G. I guess the near life like experience, which is currently present only in corporate will be available to the public. Though in ads of 3g i see them, but not that satisfactory. Since I work in a wider spectrum knowing the placing of the products and the issues faced, it really looks interesting how all this development happened in 2-3 decades. Can’t imagine like the fiction author Sujatha who predicted lot of current advancements. More and more telecom startups are coming up, and more and more are acquired by the giants like Cisco and Ciena especially in the optical arena. Would post a detailed info after observing their moves in the coming year, but for sure their share in all the areas are increasing providing the customers with variety to choose from.

A piece of land..

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Its very difficult these days to acquire a piece of land either as investment or to stay there.. especially in the case of metros. If the flat/ind home is got in outskirts people comment about its location, if its got in city, people tell its very dingy.. Only people with parental or other financial support are able to own a house before they turn 30. In olden days building home will be a lifetime dream, which mostly happens between 40-50 yrs on average, now even an 25 yr old owns a flat somewhere in the city or in the native. Real estate agents seem to have used this to the core. I have been to many building expos, fairs, where the people just drop in and book the flat, not even visiting the location. I donot know whether they are rich, or lazy or simply falling under the trusting category.. not sure though.. Seeing the outskirts skyscrappers and crorepathis getting houses in RA purams, I am not sure what is the best profession to build a home with decent space these days.. Really fingers crossed :-X

A flat that costed 15 lacs before 5 yrs is now 35-40 lacs, irrespective of the location, if its in a metro its the hike ratio.. Salaries hav also increased, so are the EMIs, and also the expectations from near and dear ones..!

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